What Were The Answers?

From now on I’ll let you see the correct answers to each question of quizzes as soon as you have made your choice… but I couldn’t do that for the November 2019 quiz… so here are the answers for your delight and delectation.

Easy peasy dirty kneesy…

Iconic bar, iconic advert
texan bar

Mildy distubing?

You needed to know/guess that this was Alvin Startdust in order to see the next 3 questions. If you didn’t then you went straight to the “It’s Friday, it’s 5 to 5” question.

I repeat… mildly disturbing?

Such different times… I remember having a tufty hankie…

Dave Prowse = Darth Vader (not the voice though… that was someone different…)

The weekend starts here…

Do you remember when Crackerjack included watching contestants playing that new, high-tech electronical game called Pong???

“Diddy” David Hamilton
Ken “Doddy” Dodd
Ed “Stewpot” Stewart
Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse (not sure which was which…)

It’s time for the zany “Maurice Cole Television Show”… doesn’t quite work, does it?