Things that make you go hmmm (or ewww!)

Did you get the 1990’s music reference in the title? See more here:

When I say hmmm I don’t mean it in a good way… these are things where manufacturers seemed hell-bent on spoiling really good things with rubbish options.

For instance… (and I was going to paste a picture here but clearly the manufacturers have now got the hint and the offending articles don’t exist anymore)…

Jam tarts – the ones you buy at the shops… (but which clearly I haven’t bought for ages!)…

Red one = Delicious

Yellow one = Delicious

But the green ones…

Why did they do that? Yes it made the packet look like a traffic light but…


They were always the ones you ate once the red and yellow ones had gone.

Sorry Mr Kipling but the green ones were anything but exceedingly good!

And what about Jelly Babies?

Would you ever choose the green one?

Now I love Jelly Babies to bits… so squidgy and chewy and moreish… but even I always get a slight sinking feeling when I get a green one.

Don’t you?

What about Milk Tray bars? Do you remember them?

How good were they?

A box of chocolates but in a bar…

Fudge… yum

Caramel… yum etc etc…

7 of the 8 flavours were delicious…

But Lime Cordial?

What is it about green sweet things?

Do manufacturers put them in to make us appreciate all of the other options even more?

Were they just sadistic?

Or did they never bother to actually ask people what they wanted?

I’m sure there must have been loads more things like this too… rubbish items in an otherwise tasty selection…

For me I would include the pink and blue aniseedy sweets in a bag of liquorice allsorts…

Not my cup of tea at all… but I understand that they are probably marmite sweets… some people hate them but others love them.

That’s fair. But green jam tarts? Just plain wrong.

Did anything make you feel the same? Do share in the comments below!

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  • Philip J says:

    Green Jam Tarts !!?? I’ve never seen such a thing. Ah but then we were poor when I was a kid – couldn’t afford things like cake 🙂

  • Sam says:

    Green jam tarts – Yum!
    Green Jelly Babies (if you have to eat a jelly baby at all) – Yum!
    Coffee Revells (Coffee anything) – Noooooooooooo!

  • Dust says:

    Green jelly beans are the best… 😉

  • Jenn says:

    I wish you could get Dolly Mixtures without the Jelly Tots…they’re alright but Dollys are clearly far superior! Or how about orange/purple Skittles?

  • Limegirl says:

    The green sweets are the BEST……. Lime cordial and Lime Crusha.


  • Lorraine says:

    Never seen or heard of green jam tarts but I can categorically state that I would not entertain them at all.

  • Kerim says:

    I don’t like jelly babies at all (it’s all about the texture) so any flavour of those would be a no-no for me but green fruit gums are absolutely lovely, as are green fruit pastilles!

  • J says:

    green american hard gums USED TO be the best but not any longer, they no longer taste the same as the old days (70s-80s)


    I agree I never thought green ones should be allowed as for lime (yuk) just the thought makes me feel sick

  • Morgan says:

    Chocolate Limes are the work of some evil entity. They should be banned by the Geneva convention. And the less said about those horrific coffee Revels masquerading as the Orange ones, the better.

  • Lyn says:

    I love all the green sweets, would be my preference. I love citrus especially lime. I think it goes back to school in the 60-70’s where everyone said they were the bogey ones. Not that I am saying I ate my bogey’s, well I don’t remember doing so but it was over 40 years ago

  • Jen says:

    Never been that keen on green sweets or cakes, but loved all of a Fry’s Five Centre bar, even the lime segment. Wish they’d bring them back

  • Brenda Firbank says:

    Sorry to say .. but am I the only one that likes green sweets. If I buy wine gums, jelly babies or fruit sweets I always pick the green ones out. Just like the tartness of them.
    Also loved the green jam tarts too.

    • Alan Boney says:

      Not the jam tarts, but defo the green, polo’s, fruit pastilles, fruit gums, jelly babies etc. My biggest hate though was blackcurrant jelly, given to me in hospital when I had my tonsils out. Hated since but strangely love blackcurrant jam

    • Joan says:

      Tell me where you are and I’ll send you mine 🤣🤣

    • Fiona says:

      I am in total agreement – the green and yellow sweets (lime and lemon) are the ones i leave until last coz they are my favourites and i want to savour them! Also why have Roses and Quality Street stopped their coffee sweets – roses brought them back last year but noticed they had stopped them again – disgrace!!

  • Claire says:

    Don’t remember Green jam tarts, but green Opal Fruits were the best!
    Booooooo to anything coffee flavour🤢

    • Edd Samarian says:

      Do you remember the ads when they rebranded Opal Fruits to Starburst? Anyone else think they should have gone for the “Chimpy Chompies” option instead?

    • Maureen Hack says:

      Apparently they are bringing back opal fruits for a li tied time so possibly that will I clude the green o es.

  • sharon says:

    the bobbly ones in liqurice alsorts need banning, they taint the other sweets

    • debbymartyn says:

      absolutely love these there is a shop in bournemouth that sells bags of just these sweets, always buy a couple whenever i visit, yay!

  • Emsie says:

    I have never seen the Milk Tray chocolate bar, that looks amazing and feel sad i had never got to try that one!!!! Green sweets are definitely my last go to of any of the sweets. Why put the coconut ones in Liquorice Allsorts! They where and still are yuk!!!!!!!!

    • Kelly Glen says:

      I had never seen or heard of the Milk Tray chocolate bar before either, but what a great idea, they need to bring it back so we can try it.

  • JackeiD says:

    Hate to have to say this but my favourite jelly baby/skittles are the GREEN ones (hate the black currant and strawberry ones!) and yep – you guessed it – my favourite flavour in the milk tray bars was the lime cordial! Honestly! I always head for anything green first… but what I want to know is does anybody remember the pineapple flavour jelly/choc in a box of Black Magic? Now they were, well ….. magic!!

  • Stuart says:

    Jelly babies are my wife’s preferred car sweet for long journeys, and when she gets home I am presented with a bag full of green ones. Delicious! A marriage made in heaven.

  • Esther says:

    Sherbert fruits love the citrus including lime but hate the Berry flavours, chocolate limes…yummy! Never heard of a green jam tart! Was it lime or gooseberry? Jam tarts are so easy to make, it’s not worth buying them, plus you can have your favourite taste in all of them!!

  • christine says:

    I loved the Milk Tray chocolate bar, the lime one in particular was my favourite. A box of chocs in a bar. Same with the Frys cream bar, the one with a variety of flavours, pineapple was my favourite. I got in touch with the company some years ago to ask if the Frys bar would make a come back but they said there were no plans to 🙁

  • debbymartyn says:

    my dislike was always anything cherry flavoured, it reminded me of medicine i had to take as a child yeuck!

  • Mr Ben says:

    Another vote here for never seeing a green jam tart before.
    As far as I remember they were packed in red (strawberry), purple (blackcurrant) and yellow (lemon).
    I wouldn’t mind trying a green one now 😉

  • Sarah Bennington-Fendley says:

    I’m with you with regard to green sweets…. why would they make them ? Apart from a really zingy chocolate lime which I adore , but it has to be zingy !!! ( why oh why don’t they bring back milk tray bars they were lovely apart from the green bit which I more than likely very generously gave to my little brother !!!!)

  • Theresa says:

    I LOVED the green jam tarts! And green opal fruits! And I still love a green jelly baby or seven 😄 Parma Violets were the big no no for me – why would anyone want to eat things that tasted like perfume? And any sweets that were aniseed-flavoured or like medicine – cough candy – bleurgh!

  • teresa says:

    Dandelion and Burdock anything!! WHY! ooh and Palma Violets – just plain wrong. Agree with Sam on the coffee revels too. Anything with coconut is just heaven for me.

  • Claire says:

    Green jelly babies ..don’t get enough in the pkt, as for green jam tarts ..sorry cant remember them but didn’t really have them anyway my mum made her own,can’t get away from that taste of burnt jam .😂

  • Andrew says:

    Sorry Michael, I love green sweets, jelly babies, fruit gums, fruit pastilles, jelly beans, lime chocolates…. can’t get enough of them!
    Never had green jam tarts, but probably wouldn’t like them, only eat red ones.Any-one remember Kunzle Cakes? A real posh nosh.

    • R says:

      I remember Kunzle cakes. The factory was near my nan and they had a shop where you could buy second. “Showtime” were their expensive range but you could get seconds so cheap. Nothing wrong with them they were ones where the chocolate did not cover properly. Yummy!!!

  • Edd Samarian says:

    Here’s a controversial one – Turkish Delight!

    I’d say the curse of the chocolate selection box down the years; and not even proper Turkish Delight either (the pukka stuff is actually not bad at all) but rather some godawful creation that reminds you of the perfume worn by some eccentric great aunt many years ago.

  • Sue says:

    I love green jellybabies! And the green jam tarts, sorry! I always go for the green and yellow sweets first! Bring back milk tray bars, and Frys Five Centres, both yummy! And Aztec bars, anyone remember those??

  • Andrea says:

    I don’t remember green Jam Tarts, but I quite liked lime cremes. Quality Street used to do them as well. Wish they’d bring back coffee ones too 😀

  • Pam stanton says:

    The best sweets are coffee flavour , yum. But what I do miss most of all are Wilkinson’s Wilco mints , like a liquorice allsort but minty, company called Tangerine in Blackpool have said there is no call for them , so have stopped production of them

  • Jean says:

    I like all the green sweets mentioned and it seems like quite a few of us do.😊 I remember a really bright green tropical cordial drink too (Quosh?) back in the early 70s which was so nice. Talking of coffee flavour chocolates, I was so happy when they brought back the coffee Revel. I wish they would also bring back coffee Matchmakers.. oh and coffee Walnut Whips!! I remember when they had two walnuts in them! My absolute favourite though has to be the much missed coffee chocolate that used to be in the Black Magic box.🧡

  • Wendy says:

    I always go for green or yellow sweets first as they are my favourites in jelly babies and wine gums, fruit pastels.
    The box of chocs I could never understand and seen them more as a punishment than a treat was a box of Week-End chocs!!

  • Andrea says:

    I miss coffee matchmakers.
    I dont mind green sweetie but the orange ones ugh!

  • Beakelsand says:

    I like all jam tarts so I would eat it but your right. Why change for the sake of it. If it’s not broken don’t change it.

  • Carol says:

    The comments really show how different we all are! My OCD order of eating any fruit based confectionary is… red (hopefully strawberry or cherry! raspberry hmm), black, orange, green and definitely last is yellow. Nearly always lemon flavour so last on the list because least favourite and I think it’s just lazy of sweet makers to use lemon. Still eat them mind you. I do appreciate it when manufacturers throw in a random pear or pineapple one though. I even remember the golden years of Quality Street when they had a gooseberry cream one! Green creamy stuff with a blob of green jelly in the middle! I used to get them all at Xmas because I told my siblings it was snot in the middle heeheehee. Ahh, good times.

  • Barbara says:

    Lime? Definitely. Pear? Certainly. Mint? Maybe.
    But the UK is missing out on a brilliant “green” flavour in the shape of WOODRUFF. It’s called Waldmeister in Germany and it’s in all sorts of things from Gummi Bears to Bier (a Berliner Weisse mit Schuss!) and soft ice cream.

  • Linda says:

    When I was a kid, jam tarts of any colour were fine by me, they just tasted sweet, and the colour wasn’t relevant! however it was just after the war, and you ate what you were given, you didn’t get anything else because it wasn’t there to give you. But I’ll still never forgive my mother for promising me a hot cross bun, but then producing an ordinary currant bun with a cross cut in the top with a kitchen knife! Adults broke their promises!

  • John Lye says:

    I like green, you do not like green, I like green, you do not like green ones, Ilike the GREEN ONES so there.

  • Cheryl says:

    Omg the Cadbury bar was amazing 🙃

  • Malc says:

    I love the coffee revels send them to me. Not sure it is going to be coffee or orange until you eat them.

    • DENISE says:

      I have to bite all the chocolate off as I don’t like the coffee or orange flavour…. can’t waste perfectly good chocolate!!

  • Kim says:

    I agree with MOST of what you say but how can you banish milk tray lime cordial to green room 101? I put this down to your lack of sleep so I’ll let you off this time!

  • Jill says:

    My eeww rated sweets are chocolate limes! Yuk! Lime boiled sweets are bad enough but then polluting chocolate with them too…should be against the law!

  • Sarah says:

    I absolutely love and adore green Jelly Babies and will seek them out first. Infact any green sweet gets my vote.
    I couldn’t stand the green jam tarts though, so I agree wholeheartedly with you about that, Michael.
    I had completely forgotten about the Milk Tray Bar,(they should bring that back!)
    I loved the Lime Cordial one course.
    @Sam ~ Coffee Revels are my number one all time favourite sweet, closely followed by the Orange Revel.
    I wish they did a Lime one, he he…
    Oh, and don’t get me started on Fry’s Chocolate Cream, the plain or Five Centre version, pure heaven.
    Maybe it’s the combination of fruit and chocolate that I really like, because I always go for the fruit centres in any chocolate selection.
    I have a confession to make, as a child (I’m 55 now) I used to put some Jelly Babies and some Smarties in my mouth together. It was awesome and I’ve only just remembered this.
    It blew my mind, I must try that again, it was lovely.

  • Joey says:

    Apple – NO!
    Lime… YES.

    So now I have to know beforehand if they go in the bin or are very much enjoyed.
    Haribo have apple bears.
    But some jelly packs have lime flavour!

    The dilemma of being ME!

  • Graeme w says:

    I might be a bit weird….in any fruit sweet selection, it’s always green ones first. Mind you, I like green olives and jalapenos as well which many people find unpalatable!

  • Keith Cross says:

    Oh no! The pink & blue aniseedy Liquorice Allsorts sweets are the first things I look for when I buy a bag. Love ’em! Green jam tarts? I’m colour blind & didn’t realise until now that there were green ones in the box. I’ve always eaten them with as much relish as the other colour tarts. 😋

  • Ms Kay Chambers says:

    Any coffee sweets, Green jam tarts, and those parma violets use to make me sick too

  • Pauline says:

    Only green sweets I ever ate were in opal fruits (starburst). Now they were nice, but others, yuk. And don’t get me started on coffee…yuk yuk yuk

  • SUE says:

    Oh my word – green jam tarts the only two things that are worse are green Rowntrees fruit gums and chocolate covered turkish delight – crumbs I’m so sorry but I could just heave at the very thought. And, by the way, I’m a chocoholic – but that one leaves me cold.

    Love your random thoughts by the way – always make me smile.

  • Ria says:

    Loved the green tarts and love the green sweets. My sister and I fight over the green wine gums (of which there are far too few in a bag!)

  • Sarah says:

    Green jelly babies yum
    Green fruit gums the best
    Black jelly babies gross!!
    Coffee revels gross

  • Gemma says:

    Green Jam Tarts = never heard of them, but I’m not sure I like the sound of them.
    Green Jelly Babies = Yes please! Green and yellow were my favourites. I didn’t like the black ones. Blackcurrant flavoured or banana flavoured anything was gross.
    Did anyone else find banana flavoured stuff always left a powdery feeling in the mouth?

  • Andrew says:

    I so agree with the ghastly green. Looks great on plants, tastes great on vegetables but sweets? No, no and no again. What fool decided to ruin perfectly good chocolate by covering it in lime candy? Just saying. The only exception to this being green pear drops, which still taste like pear drops.

  • Hilary says:

    The coconut based sweets in a box of chocolates – I like a dark Bounty but always last to go in a selection box or the one in the Quality Street box.

  • Rob says:

    I love lime flavoured sweets, coffee flavoured sweets and raspberry/strawberry flavoured sweets, but anything orange flavoured…yuk!

  • Jen says:

    My mum loves green sweets and I don’t mind them. I like coffee revels but not any other coffee flavoured chocolates. I would love to try Spangles again I used to love them apart from you guessed the sick green coloured one.

  • DENISE says:

    I love lemon and lime flavours in any sweets but I can’t abide orange in anything sweet. Orange fruit gums are the devil’s work!!

  • Dawn says:

    I love lime creams, I used to love the lime fondant in the weekend chocolates. It looks like I am in the minority but I love coffee creams in anything especially revels the coffee and orange ones are my favourite I hate the coconut ones, even though I love coconut from the shell.

  • kacidama says:

    Am I weird that the lime cordial in Milk Tray was my favourite – next to the coffee cream (and I was so upset when they removed the coffee cream from Revels)
    As for the aniseedy ones in licorice allsorts – I now buy bags of just those as the rest are meh! And what’s with the Bertie Bassett blue thing?

  • Yvette Francis-Bridger says:

    Omg… I loved the Milk Tray bar AND the green lime one as it was refreshing and cut through all the sweetness…

  • Sarah says:

    Agree on the coffee Revells! Yuck! I always like the pink and brown fondant fancies but the yellow ones I didn’t want to touch. Mixed bags of crisps – I’d eat just about anything but ready salted as a kid, those would always get left in the bag. Cherry bakewells I always loved but not the glace cherry, that had to be removed ASAP and tossed.

  • Graham Drew says:

    It may be a way of using up Greengages

  • Sue says:

    Green jam tarts yum! But so disappointed that coffee chocs have been taken out of Roses and other boxes of chocolates. You can keep your toffee chocs – just give me soft centres!

  • Margaret says:

    Green jam tarts yuk!
    Green jelly babies – better than no jelly babies
    Sorry but love lime in anything

  • Sara says:

    Green anything – delicious. The sharpness counteracts the oversweetness. I don’t like the red ones – too sweet and artificial flavoured. Can’t stand turkish delight, love licorice allsorts especially the bobbly ones. Anything coffee flavoured is great – really love Kopiko Coffee shot which I found in Thailand, my son brings me several bags when he comes to visit

  • Marion says:

    The lime barrel was the best one! Every time I open a box of chocolates, I hope that the lime barrel has returned.

  • william jackson says:

    love the green jelly babies, wine gums, pastilles, love coffee creams, but my real favourites were jap dessert any colour, wish they would come back

  • Gill says:

    I like the green coloured items, especially when they’re zingy!
    Really don’t like strawberry flavoured things even though I love strawberries.
    Also can’t be doing with coconut 😕

  • Peter says:

    Can’t say I remember green jam tarts, but green Jelly Babies, lime cordial Milk Tray and aniseed liquorice allsorts are all good.

    I can’t abide anything with coconut in it. Coconut is not meant to be food for humans.

  • Linda Robertshaw says:

    I so agree about green sweets. My daughter would never eat them and they are always the last in the packet. Also I agree about milk tray bar. It was expensive and you could only eat a few! Same for five Boys choc. bar. Green one and coffee noooo!

  • TempleofDoom says:

    I’m with you on green tarts & green sweets in general being banned. They might as well be vegetables. Even with blind tastings you could pick out the green one. Is Cad****’* chocolate now green by any chance?

  • Krista Wright says:

    Green sweets should be burnt! 😬 nasty nasty 🤢
    I’ve never eaten Mr Kipling tarts they just don’t look appetising.

  • Jan says:

    I’ve no problem with green sweets or jam tarts, love coffee chocolates too, but banana flavour anything no thanks! Not too keen on strawberry flavour either, it doesn’t taste anything like real strawberries!

  • Lydia King says:

    In the 60s there were green ice lollies. I don’t remember a specific fruit flavour but I loved them. I don’t suppose anybody else remembers them?

  • Knittingnanna says:

    When I was a child we had a Co-op baker who used to struggle to the door with his huge basket of goodies. Mum always picked jam tarts, the flavours:-black currant (yum) strawberry (yum) lemon curd (yuck, that was just wrong) as for green jelly babies I loathed them now not so much!
    Strawberry creams in Cadbury Roses well you can keep them.
    It’s lovely that we are all different it makes the world go round

  • Ali says:

    I love the green Jelly Babies, in fact I love most green sweets. Turkish Delight on the other hand I can’t stand.

  • Lady Anne Tilsley says:

    Cadbury Crème eggs are so sickly, they briefly sold a mint centre one and that was yummy, sadly they no longer sell it, boo hoo.

  • Katie says:

    Heinz Toast Toppers… What was THAT all about? All the appeal of fresh vomit. Just wrong.

  • Debra says:

    I have to agree with many green cakes and sweets but loved the Lime Cordial one in the Milk Tray bar, I prefer fruit flavours to Fudge or Caramel..or coffee. I really can’t understand why a manufacturer can’t come up with a good multi fruit bar any more, I wonder if it has something to do with the cost ? Having said all of this I do like Greengages.

  • Mark says:

    Aniseedy all sorts are the business.

  • Bobboberts says:

    No wonder the Green party only get protest votes !
    Turkish delight first experience was like putting grannies drawer liner in your mouth, but it stuck to your teeth so you looked like your granny without her teeth in trying to get it off.
    Just looked and you sell green sugar mice, just wrong.

  • kaz says:

    green jam tarts…lovely
    green jelly babies…yes please
    lime cordial…my favourite
    coffee or turkish delight…yuk!

  • PAM says:

    Fruit flavour chocolates are best but I would like to see more, pineapple, lime, cherry, violet, rose, apricot. Really anything but orange, strawberry or praline. Love coffee revels but hate coconut and one of my favourite games is Revel Roulette. Used to love Frys chocolate fruit bars and fruit Poppets. Can’t stand praline centres; WHAT THE HELL IS THAT EVEN??? My favourite box of chocolates were Weekend and the best one was the lime one! Feel so much better getting that off my chest. 🙂

  • Martin says:

    I love green jam tarts green jelly babies green fruit pastels love the lime Jaffa cakes oh no I have gone green. Any surplus green sweets send them my way. I must be weird as don’t like strawberry’s unless fresh

  • Paul says:

    I don’t remember green jam tarts, but I feel the same way about the purple ones. Also, I like Green Jelly babies – mmmmm

  • Evonne says:

    Do you remember the Fry’s bars, they had different flavoured fondants in, you only get the one fondant flavour nowadays.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I have to say I am a green Jelly Baby lover as well as any thing lime flavored, chocolate sweets chews marmalade cordial fruit not pop but I do draw the line at the jam tart very yuk. Do you remember Frys Chocolate cream, they did a lime one too. Its odd realy because I do not like green in general as a colour certainly would not wear it. The lime cordial chocolate was spoiled when they made them with a more solid centre and the taste was not pleasant. I believe they stopped using it as it became too expensive and like you said perhaps people do not like lime. Roses lime cordial is in my opinion the best but is expensive but worth every penny. I always have 2-3 bottles to hand.

  • W says:

    green sweets all the way and the jam tart, i can be quite handy to have around. I don’t like the black sweets (except black jacks) or the red ones

  • Lisa says:

    Funnily enough, green sweets are my favourite and everyone saves them for me!

  • Eugenie says:

    Well…I absolutely LOVE anything lime flavoured! I used to buy the Cadbury’s Milk Tray bar just for the Lime piece in it. And my favourite Jelly Babies are the Green and the Black ones. I love Blackcurrent!
    What I HATE is the green that now has become Apple flavoured!
    I do agree about the green jam tarts though…were they Gooseberry do you think? Even Gooseberries don’t taste as bad as those green tarts did.
    I used to love Spangles…especially the green ones…wish they were still around, who made them? I can’t remember, does anyone know?
    Well…that’s my tuppenny hapennyworth of comments.
    I love your blog…so am I forgiven for being a green lover?

  • shiela says:

    Black Magic had a green marzipan.lovely..i drink loads of coffee but I hate coffee sweets.

  • lesley says:

    totally disagree I love lime! hate the colour green but love the flavour esp lime barrel

  • Alec says:

    I adore all the lime and apple green sweets and tarts.

    What I cannot stand is anything tasting of banana, peach, violet or cough candy.

  • Danny Everley says:

    I love anything green, be it apple or lime flavoured but, yes the green jam tarts! What are they …..

  • Lara says:

    All things coffee – yum, all things orange – yum, all things green 🤮. My absolute fave …….. chocolate liquors, can’t go wrong with chocolate and alcohol

  • Moonchild1250 says:

    I absolutely love all green sweets!!! They are my favourite and it also means I get more as everyone else leaves them……… win win! Yes I also liked the green jam tarts!!!

  • Mike_P says:

    Okay, to be really on my own now….
    I can’t stand mint or orange flavoured chocolate at all. Nasty.

  • sam says:

    I love the green sweets, jelly babies, wine gums, jelly tots, it has to be yellow, green & orange for me, no thank you to the red & black ones of anything.
    And of course when they made tooty frooties… green were the best. Sorry Michael…

  • John Mcloughlin says:

    They look disgusting too. Wouldn’t put one near my mouth. As for jam tarts, has to be the red ones for me.

  • Gaynor says:

    i love lime tarts and lime jelly babies and lime cordial and lemon tarts and lemon jelly babies and orange but i can say i do not like black currant tarts or black currant jelly babies.

  • Chris says:

    I love green anything!
    First choice for jam tarts. I always eat the green jelly babies first ~ so no-one else can. And I loved the lime cordial chocolates.
    Now orange sweets/chocolates yuk!

  • Vita says:

    I Loved the lime cordial milk tray, and from nostalgia site so did many.I did like the green tarts also. Never liked any jelly baby, funny taste to them, as I have not had them since 1972 as they have gelatin in them, maybe they have changed. The Edwardian rock sweets you sell has green ones, and they are lovely.

  • peter says:

    loved Milk Tray bars even lime cordial to but the first Revels with Coconut, Orange, Turkish delight were fantastic wish they bring them back in the original form

  • Nancy says:

    I remember the traffic light jam tarts well, but the green ones were my favourite. Also, I liked the green Rowntree’s Fruit Gums best.

  • Rebecca says:

    I love the green sweets. I’m even considering asking Cadbury why they stop putting the lime barrel into Milk Tray! Anything fruity is yum and sometimes , the addition of chocolate just adds to the enjoyment. If it wasn’t for those of us who like the green sweets, an awful lot of sweets would go to waste and if everybody liked the same flavours there wouldn’t be the chance of healthy debates about which flavours people like or how do we eat particular sweets etc,. Can we count these flavours as part of our five a day!?!

  • Lesley says:

    Don’t remember green jam tarts but if they tasted of lime I would eat them – surely that’s one of your 5 a day (or is it 10 or 20 now, can’t keep up) I like strawberries but hate anything that is supposed to be strawberry flavoured, and can’t stand anything coffee flavoured either.

    • Joy says:

      I’m with you – can’t stand anything strawberry flavoured – milkshake, icecream, filled chocolates but I love strawberries!!! Don’t like the coconut chocolates but I do love the coffee ones. Anything fudge – yummy!

  • moggie says:

    You are right about the jam tarts and jelly babies (my favourites) but I actually like the chocolate with lime in.I agree with Jen should bring back fry’s chocolate cream with the five flavours!

  • Tracy says:

    Never saw green jam tarts, but love green jelly babies and wine gums. However never liked the lime centres in milk tray or quality street. Why oh why? But I love coffee revels and any of the coffee centres that used to be in milk tray etc. However, I am not a coffee lover 😂

  • Cat says:

    I can honestly say I have never had or for that matter seen a green Jam Tart nor would I want to! I have a silly superstition about the colour green and I’m sure if I ate one I’d probably choke on it. lol
    P.S. I am a child of the 50’s so this would certainly have been in my ‘era’.

  • Helen says:

    Lime fruit gums have always been my favourite flavour but as for lime opal fruits – just no.

  • Liddy says:

    I’ve never liked fruit cream chocolates but do like green pastilles and fruit gums. As far as I’m concerned, the biggest abomination of them all is blue Smarties. Why did they do that??

  • Jean Skitt says:

    I love green jelly babies and green pastilles and can eat a bag of the pink & blue aniseedy sweets at one go..
    Probably i’m odd ha ha xx

  • Karen says:

    Not good on the green stuff but OMG… mum used to have the milk tray bar and I have tried and tried to see i it would ever be brought back

  • Joan Hitchco says:

    I agree . I always got the green Rowntrees Fruit Gum, never the purple or red!

  • Julie says:

    The lime one of milk tray was the best ! The green and orange jelly babies are my favourite, and yes I love the bobbly sweets in liquorice allsorts, sorry but I do 👍

  • Liem says:

    Sorry but Lime for me all the way especially Lime Crusha
    milkshake I went mental when they reissued it a few years back bought all I could find.

  • Lorraine says:

    Have to disagree with you there! The green ones are my absolute favourite (once they’re lime and not apple!!)

  • Frances Lond-Caulk says:

    I don’t remember those Milk Tray bars at all. It’s like a nice version of Revels. But at least with them you could usually guess the filling from the size. I’d try to avoid the coffee ones, but sometimes got fooled.
    I always loved Flakes so much, but lately I think Ripples are better. I don’t live in the UK, so getting them is a treat.

  • Carole Denby says:

    Love everything orange…especially the orange smarties.

  • EILEEN says:

    I hate green sweets. Always leave them for hubby who seems to like them. Me – bleuch!!

  • Bill Winward says:

    I don’t want to be controversial but you are wrong. The lime cordial in Milk Tray gorgeous! I don’t like jam tarts whatever the colour so I can’t disagree with you on that one. Green Jelly Babies? Not a fan of any but the green would be my preference. Green wine gums? Lovely! I just like anything flavoured with lime, however artificial.

  • JulesUK says:

    I’m sorry but this time I don’t agree with you – I like the green tarts and the jelly babies and I loved the lime cordial in the Milk Tray Bat. I really loved the Milk Tray bar it was like having a mini box of chocolates all for yourself – I wish they would ring it back!
    I’m not overkeen on coffee sweets and I don’t like ginger chocolates, yeuch!!

  • Leigh says:

    The lime ones are my favourite. I love the green jelly, wine gums, pastilles etc. It’s so disappointing that they make bags of red and black wine gums as I dislike those. I would like a bag of green and yellow. Even in the mixed bags there are less green and yellow than red and black. I used to love the Crusha lime milkshake but they got rid of that too. Lemon cheesecake is my favourite too. In the 70s I used to have a Saturday job in Woolworths on the sweet counter. I used to pick out all the green Opal Fruits for my bag.
    As I side note, I love the coffee chocolates and coffee ice cream is my absolute favourite.

  • sharon says:

    Lion Midget Gems…. Love them all apart from the black ones which make me gag 😁

  • Carole Bone says:

    Sorry Michael but I love gren jelly babies, in fact I love all jelly babies and also the lime cordial in the milk tray bars and I havto sa I love the pink and blue aniseedy sweets in the liqurice allsorts, but I have to agree with you green jam tarts are a definite no no.

  • Sue says:

    Exact opposite for me – red and black sweets are much too sweet but give me the citrusy coloured ones any day – yellow and orange but especially the green ones – yummmm!! Yes – green jam tarts too were gorgeous 😋
    Agree about Turkish delight – love the real thing from Turkey in different flavours but the perfumed chocolate covered Fry’s variety yeuk 😕

  • Jy says:

    Sorry but I miss the lime cordial barrels and apart for green tarts love green anything 😀😀

  • Kimmin says:

    Banana is vile in sweets (and medicine) and coffee should only be hot black and in a mug.

    • Kimmin says:

      Actually green opal fruits were quite nice when i was feeling car nausea, refreshing on the tongue, helped keep sicky feeling at bay.

  • Lindy says:

    Loved green jam tarts and green jelly babies my fave! For me it’s the brown licquorice allsort and Frys Turkish Delight – wrong for all reasons. Real turkish delight is lovely!

  • Jayray says:

    I also like Fry’s cream bars and loved the fruit flavours. I don’t like green sweets or cakes. But my favourite flavour is anything lemon and tangy. I love lemon Bonbons.

  • Roy says:

    I love the green jelly babies and jam tarts! Anything lime is good for me. Lime sherberts and chocolate limes are favourites. I’m probably in a minority liking coffee creams too! I remember a chocolate bar called Mint Cracknell. They bought out a short-lived Lime Cracknell too.

  • Gill S says:

    Oh my goodness this is soooo right. I love the coconut liquorice allsorts, I eat all the coconut off before the liquorice Yum

  • Mole says:

    missed green smarties, but they all taste the same, as do jelly beans. I didn’t mind green jelly babies and of course there is the mint filing in Aero. I do miss Dark Chocolate and Coffee Walnut whips

  • kim says:

    I loved lime cordial, was my fave x

  • Jane says:

    I love green sweets, they are the ones I always go for

  • BRIG says:

    Green sweets are generally the best. Green skittles, (hate jelly babies) but the green 1, green jelly beans, green lollypops and yes the green jam tarts. I get extremely excited, STILL, when I get multiple pink and blue “aniseedy sweets” in my liquorice all sorts. What exactly are u complaining about? You’re telling them to get rid of my favourite flavours, why? Because it has u befuddled to the point of insomnia? Do u believe that no one can possibly like these flavours? That the companies didnt do their due diligence? Or somehow, its a conspiracy, coz u have never known ANYONE who likes them? Here’s something that will totally curl ur toes then…I DO NOT LIKE ANY STRAWBERRY FLAVOURED SWEETS!! (strawbs&giant strawbs i eat, at times, because i enjoy the gummy/chewy texture) I have always removed them and given them to my son. I also pick out and eat the greens 1st, then the yellows, then the oranges etcetera….HOW MANY NIGHTS SLEEP WILL THAT COST YA? I am ONE of the many that happen to be sick of people removing our preferred colours/flavours! Especially when it is delivered in such a way that u take a whole society of people and declare us mythical! In ur clearly confused state, I suggest u knock THAT on the head and pay attention to thee most annoying thing that’s happening, we should all be concerned. The morphing of our beloved sweets into FRUIT&VEG!!…I eat copious of both and so does my son, I don’t enjoy chocolate or cakey things, i do however like sweets (preferabbly sour). I eat them voraciously. My son does not….so why am i being punished? Hey all the parents that have backed this sacrilege, if u want ur kids to eat more fruit and veg…give them fruit&veg and teach them why their bodies need them. The variety of colours, flavours and textures that they come in really should not need forcing down! Stop messing with SWEETS. Don’t u remember the excitement of a pic’n’mix station in woolworths? Why would u take that away? Everything is so healthy these days, isn’t anyone worried about the backlash? When these kids get a bit older and find PROPER sweets, online only these days, the rebellion that will ensue. You cannot possibly believe u will be able to wipe out sweets globally! HAHAHA have u seen the destruction a toddler creates when a sip of cola is introduced?….now MAXIMISE that destruction as its a teenager riding that sugar wave!! Internally torn asunder as their poor bodies unfamiliar with the product. Creating a situation that can have only one outcome…REBELLION then REVOLUTION!!
    I jest, of course. Will those who taught our kids the same way we were taught, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION please boycott these FAKE sweets by giving an apple or a bag of yummy treats at the appropriate time!! Also bribing kids with sweets, tsk tsk THEY ARE NOT LAB RATS (i have been informed), now guinea pigs…Well someone has to try my new recipes, I am biased! And don’t start me on the availability of a decent packet of crisps, not these oven baked, 1/2 fat, air popped, million different flavours varieties…NO NO! Who can even recall the last time they ate a packet of salt and vinegar FRIED POTATO CRISPS and it turned their lips white? Ahh, now they were lip smackingly, lick the bag with no shame in public good. PS I also LOVE marmite, bring back Jacobs marmite flavoured mini cheddars!
    Hey, ur right. i do feel much better. Im off to munch on some fizzy/sour mini rainbow belts not a beetroot in sight (for clarification, I LOVE BEETROOT)

  • >