Remember This?

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  • Glen says:

    The 70’s sweets I miss are: Supermoose, and Pink Panther! Oh and Spangles!

  • Ruth says:

    Montpelier drops and spangles, fruit and winter flavours

  • Louise says:

    The Green Cross Code man came to my junior school to tell the kids to Stop, Look and Listen. I remember him being very tall. Favourite sweets: Porky Pigs 🐷

  • Philip Greenough says:

    I’ve tried forever to find floral tablets, to no avail. They were rectangular shaped boiled sweets, does anyone remember them?

    • Horatio Orrison says:

      Don’t recall the floral tablets, but floral gums are still around if you get the right place. They were a favourite of mine along with Cherry Lips! So many for so little.

  • Mandy says:

    Maybe a little easy!

  • Paul says:

    So where did I go wrong?

  • Donna says:

    Ice Breaker Chocolate…Yum yum x

  • Marina says:

    Loved that quiz! But it reminded me of 1) how simple life seemed in the 70s and 80s and 2) how old I am getting

  • Rob says:

    I enjoyed that, thanks

  • David says:

    Very enjoyable quiz. I miss olde English spangles, and victory v gums !

  • Basil Henriques says:

    I enjoyed the quiz almost as much as I used to enjoy Mighty Imps..

  • Ruthie says:

    I got 9…hold on, were there 10 questions? In which case what the heck did I get wrong? or why were there only 9? 😉

  • Claudia Smith says:

    Born in 1966 and remember some aspects of the 70s very fondly, though not really pop music as I was brought up on classical music!

  • Sean says:

    Not too bad. Im a fan of peoples real names so them i found easy

  • Susan Hammond says:

    I miss Mint Cracknall! I’m not sure of the spelling though! But I do remember the green minty shards!

  • The Rogers’s says:

    Favourite child hood sweets gold rush chewing gum.

  • JEAN Alexander says:

    I miss winter spangles

  • Nicci says:

    Loved it. I obviously watch too much TV when I was young!
    Apparently it was common knowledge that David Prowse lived round the corner from 90s/00s family home….. But I never saw him unfortunately but I made sure I crossed the road safely when I lived there.
    Favourite sweets; proper merry maids.

  • Tam says:

    Spangles…bring back the cola spangles! Oh yes….and Pacers…loved them!

  • Paul Owen says:

    i like looking back, not just to my childhood, born 63, as i get older all the past has a strange fascination so keep doing what your doing, its all good !!

  • val says:

    spangles are what I miss most!

  • Joy says:

    Loved the quiz. Really surprised myself by getting 10/10 and no I didn’t cheat. Alvin Stardust was one of my favourite singers. Favourite sweets – Cola cubes

  • Jane says:

    Great fun but would be nice to which one I got wrong (although think
    I can guess) whilst a young child of the 70s my more formative (teenage) years were 80s & hold most memories

  • Karen says:

    That was sooooo much fun! After your last blog (and the picture of the teachers pencil sharpener😂) I had to call my brother and ask him if he remembered them (he’s just a couple of years older!) he said ‘yeah, and the plastic bit that held the sharpenings always used to fall off when I went up to the front of the class to use it’ happy, simpler times! Charlie says…..! Favourite sweets – bags of rainbow drops, space dust, sherbet fountains, dip dabs, foam bananas, shrimps, flying saucers – pretty much anything in a 10p mixy bag!😂

  • paul says:

    Thank you 9 out of 10, but which one did I get wrong?

  • Jules12 says:

    That was fun, how do we know how many we scored?

  • Luis says:

    No, I did not cheat. I am astonished to get 9.

    Oh yes,

    ‘Because I won’t be there, when you cross the road…’

  • Margaret Rae says:


  • Merrie says:

    I loved Parma violets. A couple of years ago I bought a huge bag from you as a stocking filler for my other half. Unfortunately his teeth couldn’t take the sugar (what a lightweight) so we have used them as potpourri instead! Every so often we take the lid off the tin and …ahhhhh..(no not Bisto)…instant 1970’s. They are still going!
    I also loved Spangles, but they nearly killed me on more than one occasion by getting stuck in my throat 🙂
    Were they the most dangerous sweet ever?

  • Pam says:

    10 out of 10, yes I am a swot 🙂

  • Jac says:

    One of the few benefits of age – I know lots of stuff!

  • Rob says:

    10/10, need to make it a bit more challenging!

  • steve says:

    Nice bit of fun. Please can somebody revive Spangles! especially the olde English ones!

  • Stephen says:

    Liked the quiz lol loved the comment by Ruth spangles loved them sweets good to share all this. My favourite sweets of the 80s are jap desserts & chewin nuts god I miss the 80s.


  • Jackei D says:

    Loved your little quiz, not too hard, not too easy – just right! My favourite sweeties etc as a child were pear drops, a lucky bag, mint cracknel and them spearmint bars that were pink and had a waffle design on them!

  • Granny says:

    It would help if I knew how many questions I got 6 out of. And which did I get right? Even Bamboozle let you know when you got it wrong!

  • Hmj says:

    I was a member of the tufty club

  • Jan deighton says:

    Although i put 60s i was born 1960 but basically a 70s girl lol

  • Deborah Shilleto says:

    I remember when we had changed from old money to decimal coins the first thing I brought (so I could get the change in the new coins) was a pink panther, I loved them. I was so pleased because I received a half pence piece in my change lol.

  • Mole says:

    9 out of 10, wonder what I misselected. Probably Topic is my all time favourite though cadbury Old Jamaica is high up there and currently Wispa or Yorkie

  • Jan deighton says:

    Loved spangles and Aztec bars. When spangles returned briefly in the 80s they were horrible but when Aztec bars returned for the millenium they tasted exactly how i remembered

  • Corina says:

    Love the quiz😀

  • Jo says:

    I thought I’d done better!

  • Lesley says:

    I miss Lemfizz

  • Lusitania Kent says:

    Loved the quiz.. can’t wait to see how I did, relying totally on grey matter not Google!


    Brilliant quiz!

  • Joy says:

    Old English Spangles and Cabana bars

  • Steve K says:

    Toffee Apple Blobs.
    Used to popish off two packs of those at lunchtime and go home with my mouth literally bleeding!

  • Natasha says:

    Mum helped!! 😀

  • Julie says:

    Yay I got them all right, my fave sweet was milk tray bar, yummmm lime barrels 😊

  • Kimkim says:

    Does anyone remember the Dracula ice lolly? Black ice on the outside and red jelly on the inside.
    From the 70s for sure.?????

  • Grumpy Dave. says:

    Happy days, Old English Spangles.

  • Mr Martyn Reeves says:

    Take me back to a younger days

  • Neville says:

    No I didn’t look anything up, they all just came to me without much thought, hidden in the recesses of my mind. Which one he did I get wrong? Great fun. Favourite sweets Fudg-eee and Toff-eee from swizzled.

  • Simon says:

    I miss the nutty bar. It was withdrawn without explanation and I was devastated ☹️

  • Carol says:

    Bazooka Joe bubble gum, including the rare banana flavour. We called them ” Narni Zookas”. Also sent off the wee insert from inside the wrappers and joined the Bazooka Joe club.. got a free little plastic camera as a joining gift😄

  • Darrin Vingoe says:


  • Lin says:

    Michael, the blog,the quiz and reminiscing are a joy – thank you!

  • Paul says:

    Couldn’t get my email address in

  • Pat says:

    Bit left field, but my favourite sweets were Callard and Bowsers
    Butterscotch, and the butterscotch one in black magic.

  • Kay says:

    I miss flavoured toffo sweets and black jacks.

  • Paula says:

    I loved triffic bars that were marketed using Mike Reid from the kids quiz show runaround.

  • Marina Thorpe says:

    I think I should have put the 50’s Cos I left school at 15 in 1959.. I suppose Spangles were a sweet that I liked but we were too poor to be given sweets I don’t remember ever having any at home. Even the names I have forgotten, but then I’m an “oldie” ( living in Australia 1991) and my poor memory is not too good. YOU Michael bring back so manny memories for me though. Thank you so much.

  • says:

    Ah yes, Glen’s Spangles, especially the mustard coloured ‘Old English’ flavour (if my brain is working?)
    Onwards to the quiz…

  • Dave says:

    Great quiz, although it did make me feel old!!
    Used to love Pacers.

  • Andy says:

    Really enjoyed the quiz, a nice trip down memory lane, thank you 😊

  • stef says:

    10/10 I had to guess the last one though + proper sarsaparilla tablets are getting scarce

  • Joey says:

    I’m guessing I only got the last one wrong as I was born in 1970…

  • Faz says:

    Pretty sure I fluked most of them 😂

  • Bob says:

    Memories – Spangles, Black Jacks and Fruit Salad. RoSPA Cycling Proficiency test and certificate. 60s my period but can cope with the 70s as well.

  • Martin Mackenzie says:

    I’m a child of 40s & 50s!🤗 I’ve already submitted my name & email in a funny little box. Now you want them again!

  • Peter says:

    Great quiz – surprised that I scored 8 – pleasantly!

  • Andrea says:

    Woohoo. 10 out of 10. And no cheating. I think I must be a swot! I think I deserve a crackerjack pencil and a Blue Peter badge! Or a lolly gobble chic bomb!!

  • Russell Potter says:

    I remember buying awful Bubble gum because they had those picture cards of a tv series free inside the packet. Before the days of swapping football cards we could swap Thunderbird cards or War cards. So save on the quality of sweets with free picture cards? No maybe not.

  • Frank says:

    10/10 for me. Wow, never scored 10/10 before at school or since. Just shows, being old does have some benefits (but not many).

  • Hazel Davison says:

    Ah memories!
    (That was a song wasn’t it? but let’s not go there . . . . yet!)
    I loved flavoured Toffos, Spangles & the sweet peanuts that had a whole salty peanut in the middle. Yum 😋 😋

  • Pete says:

    Enjoyed the quiz. It was just right for me.

    Nostalgic sweets? Chewits, Pacers and Cabana bars.

  • NickP says:

    I love the nostalgia of the topics covered in your emails, your new blog/comment spot…. and of course your sweets! I didn’t answer your request to name a decade associated with my childhood though. Mainly because I consider myself a child of two decades (60’s and 70’s) and wouldn’t want to sacrifice the content of one of those decades over the other. Born in 62 so the 60’s for me was Watch With Mother (Hammy Hamster/Camblewick Green), and then Lost In Space, Blue Peter/Magpie and watching Doctor Who from behind the sofa. The 70’s was Lost in Space…. in colour! Yeah!! and Squidly Diddly and Catweazel before The Big Match (LWT footy show) on a Sunday. Oh yes, and The Tomorrow People. Hey I even watched kids TV in the 80’s if I got home from work early enough lol. Anyway keep up the good work. I look forward to indulging myself with one of your liquorice selection jars in the not too distant future 🙂
    Oh yes… and if you do post a quiz it would be great to be able to see the correct answers along with the total scored at the end. I got one question wrong.. but don’t know which one it was. I think it was the one with the cabbage lol. Never mind. Cheers.

    • David says:

      Please don’t think you’re anything special, I was born in 1967, & EVERY child watched Doctor Who from behind the sofa. 🤣🤣🤣😉

  • Rick says:

    We all felt safe then

  • hazel says:

    Great little quiz had to guess some answers. I miss strawberry helsa bars and mcvities banana cake from the 80’s as well as fry’s 5 centres.

  • Glynis says:

    Rhubarb and custard

  • Eve says:

    Old English Spangles – mmmmm.


    Great quiz love doing these. Welcome back

  • Tracey Nixson says:

    That was fun 😃

  • Jimbo says:

    Aztec choccie bars, and Burton’s Potato Puffs……both now gone, but we will remember them.😔😔😔😁👍😁

  • Eugene says:

    Excellent quiz, thanks.

  • Clive says:

    The only question that got me was the last one 🙂

  • Alison says:

    9 outta 10 not bad it was probably the last one that tripped me up.

  • Ruth Steel says:

    This was fun, brings back memories.

  • Kim says:

    Why did they ever stop making them, so yummy

  • Horatio Orrison says:

    Well, much to my surprise I got the lot! Even the last one but I must admit it was an inspired guess. The “little grey cells” obviously continuing to function – well almost. I’ve had a couple of episodes this morning of thinking of something I needed to remember then turning round and forgetting what it was!

    Keep it up please – its great fun

  • Horatio Orrison says:

    Someone’s post has just reminded me. Does anyone recall the Spartan hard centre selections that only ever seemed to appear at Christmas. I do wish they were back above all else!

  • Fred says:

    Well I really am as old as I feel. Good fun quiz.

  • Brian says:

    Trebor penny chews

  • Pauline says:

    Enjoyed the quiz although only 7 out of 10 for me. My all time favourite sweets of yesteryear has got to be spangles. Wish they’d make a come back, although even if they did, they wouldn’t taste the same as I remember them, nothing does these days.

  • Helen says:

    That was a fun quiz. Had to guess some answers.
    Does anyone remember chocolate covered traffic light lollipops? can’t get them anywhere now. One sweet I miss.

  • Alison says:

    Wow 9! I think I got the Green Cross man one wrong, didn’t have a clue what else he did.. lol. I think of myself as a child of the 80s mainly for music (best decade ever!!) but was actually a child in the 70s. We weren’t allowed to watch much TV though – Grange Hill, Blue Peter, Willo the Wisp, Ivor the Engine and Swap Shop on a Saturday morning are my main memories. And Juliet Bravo when I got a bit older.

  • Michael says:

    Great nostalgic fun

  • Penny says:

    Loved the quiz thank you

  • Debbie says:

    Loved the quiz think I got the Wham Bar wrong Oh Hum!

  • Lorraine Martin says:

    Great quiz and no I didn’t cheat..still scored 10

  • Andrea says:

    I’m a bit of a swot and have a good memory so no cheating or looking up in your quiz from me x

  • Emma says:

    Loved that quiz.wish i knew which one i got wrong though! Thanks Michael.
    My much missed chocolate are Treets(M&Ms are nothing like them) and the Nutty bar in the see through brown wrapper with orange writing!!!!!.As for sweets i loved a Spearmint Pacer!!!Someone please bring them back.

  • Andrew Mansfield says:

    Some of the questions were easy but others had me scratching my head awhile

  • Bobboberts says:

    Hartley Hare still scares me !

  • Paula says:

    I would like to see the chewing gum that was the best thing the colour was black and it tasted like black jacks

  • David says:

    What question did I get wrong???

  • Dianne says:

    Bring back spangles – nothing quite matches how great they were!!

  • Myr says:

    Whatever happened to Jap Desserts?

  • Funky Feet says:

    More like this please, makes me feel a little bit clever

  • Andy Burgess says:

    I remember the Friday Afternoon program (you can’t say the name or it needs to be repeated)’s quote was:
    “It’s Friday. It’s 5 to 5 and it’s time for…. “

  • Angie says:

    Great fun quiz , keep up the good work !

  • Kate says:

    Mmmm… Super Mousse Bars!

  • Mandy Knight says:

    I didn’t look any up and got 9 out of 10. Now I shall spend the rest of my days wondering which one I got wrong 😭. Was fun tho!

  • Lulu says:

    As a child of the 80’s 9 out of 10 is not bad, but which one did I get wrong?

  • Peter says:

    I didn’t have to use google, it was too easy (sorry).

  • Neil says:

    Really good quiz and promise didn’t cheat.

  • Nichola says:

    I only got 2 🤣🤣🤣 born late 80s
    The Dracula ice lollies mentioned below sound good

  • Lisa says:

    I miss orange spangles

  • Samantha says:

    Hilarious, love to know what I didn’t get. Didn’t search anything, probably why I only scored 7! 🤪

  • Prof. Stephen John Newton says:

    Really disappointed as I thought I did far better than that! I was the inventor of Wham Bar and have an incredibly sweet tooth 😉

  • Sue says:

    Love the quiz….. had forgotten about pink panther bars… miss spangles; i also remember a strawberry aero bar that didnt last long but i loved them

  • kc says:

    Help! I can’t remember the name of my favourite childhood sweet! it was a spearmint chew, white with green stripes and I used to get through them by the ton whenever I could get away with it…

  • Anthony says:

    The sweets I miss most are Toffos.
    Plain and flavoured ones.

  • Ruth Hewess says:

    Stretched my brain

  • Claire says:

    10/10 a) I feel old 🙂 Nostalgic Quizzes aren’t what they used to be 😀

  • David Matthews says:

    Keep the good quizzes up

  • Jacquie says:

    10/10, couple of them were guesses though:-) Who remembers giant blocks of honeycomb? I remember eating so much of it one night the thought of it still makes me slighty nauseous….i used to love the galaxy owl counters and mint poppets (maybe they are still around but have lived in the netherlands the last 25 years so not so familiar with whats out there still)

  • Mike says:

    You’ve got to love a quiz that features Texan bars, Alvin Stardust and David Prowse. Well done, sir, my cap is doffed.

  • john says:

    Do you remember sweet tobacco I used to love it!

    • Michael says:

      Hi John
      I don’t want to turn the blogfest too much into a commercial venture… but we sell sweet tobacco! When I set up I had never heard of it but it was one of the sweets where I kept getting emails saying that I had to stock it (along with Cherry Lips (which we have too), Jap Desserts, Spangles and Pacers (all 3 long since gone unfortunately.) Sweet Tobacco is here… (apologies for the quality of the image on that page… it looks like I was a bit tipsy when I took it… I’ll add it to my todo list to take a new one!)
      All the best, Michael

    • Sue says:

      wonderfully gorgeous stuff .. the stuff of legends…

  • jonnie says:

    10/10 without google – but did have to make an educated guess at the last one…

  • Matt says:

    Anyone remember being able to buy sweet cigarettes that you could blow smoke out off.ah and liquorice pipes

  • Sharon says:

    Getting close to christmas reminds me of the Trebor selection box my nan used to get me. It had chews, bitter orange drops, sour cherry drops and many other lovely things.

  • Justin says:

    I still have a Texan bar in the fridge! Can you still get the crisps Discos? Who remembers Griddles. Banjos used to be one of my favourite chocolate bars of the early eighties and Bar Six. Don’t forget orange flavoured Space Dust!

  • Rebecca says:

    Always love a quiz. Does anyone remember Mint Cracknels and Yoghurt Maid ice lollies?

  • Arron says:

    Great quiz, like others I miss the Nutty bar, there’s a similar American bar called Payday but they’re hard to find and pretty expensive if you do!

  • Mustapha says:


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